Tracking and storing usage

We use various tools on our website to help provide a better shopping experience for you. This means that we track and store information about users using software (computer programs). These programs use what are called cookies to track and store information. Below you can read about which cookies are active on our website.
How can you manage cookies in your browser?

In the default settings of most browsers, cookies are automatically accepted. However, you can change and adjust the settings yourself so that you only accept the cookies that you want your browser to store. However, we would like to point out that some cookies must be accepted in order for to function. In your browser settings, you can usually also choose which websites you allow cookies from. You can also request to be notified each time a new cookie is stored in your browser.

Operation and functionality of our website

Cookie description | Storage time
Google Analytics | Utma Used to identify unique visitors Up to two years.
Google Analytics | Utmb Used to maintain and continue a user's session For the session of the individual user
Google Analytics | Utmc Used to decide whether or not to create a new user session Up to six months
Google Analytics | Utmz Used to store the referral used to reach the website Up to six months

Tracking and advertising

Cookie Description Storage period
Google Doubleclick Used to collect information about which parts of the website are used Up to two years
Google Adwords | Tag Manager |
| Target Groups | Remarketing

Used to get an overview of the number of users and to customise content based on users' previous visits to the website Up to two years
Facebook Pixel Used to track website usage and optimise ads No set retention period
Hotjar Used to track and store information about user behaviour in order to optimise the website Up to two years
Sleeknote advertising tool that creates pop-up banners and tracks and stores usage information
Zopim chat service, which also tracks and stores usage data
NOSTO Tracks website usage and optimises advertising

Social media

Cookie Description Storage time
Facebook Connect Used to enable the website to be used through the user's Facebook account No set storage period.