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Important to know when choosing a rollator


The need for stability is one of the main reasons for many people to consider a rollator.

Traditionally, it has been said that width and weight contribute to stability. We think it is just as much about the construction of the rollator. TOPRO rollators are known for their good stability. All of our rollators are carefully tested by our experienced designers in the test laboratory and tested and approved by TÜV.



If you are on the move a lot or often travel by car, it can be advantageous to have a rollator that can be folded easily.
All TOPRO rollators are foldable. In addition, the TOPRO Odyssé has a unique two-way fold, which makes the transport size even smaller.


Basket / shopping bag

With a basket or shopping bag, it is easy to transport goods and other possessions. All TOPRO rollators are supplied with a basket or shopping bag. The load capacity varies between 5 and 15 kg depending on the model, with the TOPRO Olympos ATR / ATR Slim having the largest. TOPRO Odyssé, TOPRO Troja 5G, TOPRO Olympos ATR / ATR Slim and TOPRO Pegasus have removable shopping bags with lids.



A good braking system gives a feeling of stability and safety. The vast majority of rollators have driving brakes that are activated when the brake handles are pressed. If you want extra control over the rollator before walking or do not have the necessary reflex to react when braking is required, you should choose a rollator with a reverse braking system, such as en TOPRO Troja Neuro.


Design / Appearance

The rollator improves the quality of life and gives a feeling of independence. You should be proud of your rollator! For this reason, the design of the rollator can be important. For example, if you choose our TOPRO Troja 5G or TOPRO Olympos ATR / ATR Slim, you can choose from a variety of colours.



If you use the rollator every day, you may want it to meet many different requirements and situations. Then it is advantageous to choose a rollator that can be supplied with additional equipment. You can find our large selection of accessories on our website or in our catalogue.



Large wheels make it more comfortable to drive on uneven surfaces, such as cobblestones or unpaved roads. If you often need to use the rollator outdoors, we recommend the TOPRO Olympos ATR / ATR Slim. We offer different types of tyres for the TOPRO Odyssé, the TOPRO Troja 5G and the TOPRO Olympos ATR / ATR Slim, some of which are more suitable for indoor use, while others such as off-road wheels and studded tyres are intended for outdoor use.


Size and weight

Make sure the rollator is appropriate for your height. As a rule of thumb, the handles on the rollator should be level with the user's wrist when the arms are hanging straight down. Most rollators are available in two or three different sizes.

Wide rollators often feel more stable than narrow ones, but this also depends on the construction of the rollator. Make sure that the rollator is not wider than the doors in your house.

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