TOPRO Troja Walker²

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Forearm walker with rollator comfort
TOPRO Troja Walker² TOPRO Troja Walker² TOPRO Troja Walker² TOPRO Troja Walker²
TOPRO Troja Walker²


The TOPRO Troja Walker2 is a practical, lightweight and stable forearm walker with the comfort of a rollator. The forearm supports have been designed to provide good upper body support while walking.

The Troja Walker2 is a reliable companion to easily get around with due to:

  • being easy to handle and operate.
  • providing high safety and comfort while walking with driving and parking brakes on both handles.
  • ensuring reliable and stable maneuvering and excellent driving comfort with ball bearings in forks and wheels.
  • its high level of functionality, quality and exceptional durability.

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Easy and safe to operate

Driving and parking brakes are on the same lever, for easy operation.

Edge guard and tilt function enable safe and easy manoeuvring over thresholds.

Adjustable handlebars and comfortable forearm supports

The handlebars can easily be adjusted to preferred angle and secured with a sturdy lock wheel.

Deep underarm pads ensure comfortable support. Washable surface.

User friendly height adjustment

User friendly and tool free method for setting the height of the forearm supports using a numeric scale. The unique TOPRO Memory Function retains the preset forearm support height for easy re-use.

Multiple sizes and modern design

Available in three different sizes: M, S and X.

The frame has a slender and light appearance. The wheels have a slim design, while retaining TOPRO’s well-known stability.

Practical basket and seat

Net basket provides easy access to items. Holds up to 5 kilos.

Seat of mesh fabric, which provides good visibility for walking.

Wheels for indoors environment

The wheels are specially designed to provide good grip on smooth surfaces such as lino and parquet flooring.

Practical to store and transport

The lateral folding technology can easily be operated with one hand. The handlebars can be pushed down into the side bars for practical storage.

The walker stays firmly on its four wheels and takes up little space when stored. It is easy to transport and well suited to being wheeled through narrow passages.


The TOPRO Troja Walker2 has 7-year warranty (except for parts that are exposed to natural wear and tear). The walker is tested and approved according to EN ISO 11199-3 (standard for walking aids, walkers) and EN ISO 10993-1 (standard for biocompatibility).

Educational film and additional information

User manual


Measurements PRODUCT WEIGHT HestiaMeasurements PRODUCT WEIGHT Hestia
Measurements USER HEIGHT WEIGHT HestiaMeasurements USER HEIGHT WEIGHT Hestia
Measurements SEAT WHEELS HANDLES HestiaMeasurements SEAT WHEELS HANDLES Hestia
Measurements TRAY and TURNING DIAMETER HestiaMeasurements TRAY and TURNING DIAMETER Hestia

More Information

Size M (medium) S (small) X (Extra small)
Recommended user height 150–185 cm 130–170 cm 130–160 cm
Maximum weight of user 135 kg 125 kg 80 kg
Maximum load basket 5 kg / 20 l 5 kg / 20 l 5 kg / 11 l
Height of support points 980–1150 mm 840–1000 mm 840–960 mm
Diameter hand grip 35 mm
35 mm 35 mm
Grip distance driving brake 74 mm 74 mm 74 mm
Width between support points 450 mm 450 mm 350 mm
Seating width 455 mm 455 mm 360 mm
Seat height 630 mm 550 mm 520 mm
Diameter turning circle 840 mm 840 mm 790 mm
Maximum height 1250 mm 1100 mm 1060 mm
Maximum width 630 mm 630 mm 530 mm
Maximum length 650 mm 650 mm 650 mm
Diameter front-/rear wheels 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Width front-/rear wheels 36 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Dimensions when folded (l × w × h) 650 × 330 × 1020 mm 650 × 330 × 880 mm 650 × 330 × 880 mm
Product weight
(incl. wheels and basket)
8.9 kg 8.6 kg 8.3 kg
Area of use   Indoors
Art. No. 815430 815440 815450



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