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The original TOPRO Rollator

Is high quality, safety, light weight, and modern design important for you?
If the answer is yes, then the TOPRO Troja Original would be the right choice help you staying connected to your life.

The revolutionary folding mechanism design was inspired from a director’s chair. For almost 20 years the TOPRO Troja has been the very symbol of what a modern rollator should be and look like.


We are proud to introduce the new and modern TOPRO Troja Original.

Even though this is the basic model in TOPRO´s comprehensive rollator line, it represents all our knowledge about rollators in a modern way. Every detail is thoughtfully planned out and crafted in Norway to give the user maximum stability and safety.

With TOPRO´s 7-year warranty on the rollator frame gives you the extra trust and comfort in the product which you will appreciate for years to come.


The TOPRO Troja Original is equipped with many of the technical features you’ll find on our more advanced rollator models at a very favorable price.

If you are going to use your rollator mostly indoors with short walks outdoors, this is the rollator for you.


The TOPRO Troja Original comes in 3 sizes. M, S and X. 

Colour options



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