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TOPRO Hestia

Stylish, space-saving foldable indoor rollator that offers the decisive plus in independence and comfort at home.

The TOPRO Hestia has a wealth of sophisticated functions that enable safe locomotion, comfortable standing up and sitting down, and safe transport of meals and other items.

When it comes to stability and quality, the Hestia is a true TOPRO. Quality you can rely on.


Uncompromisingly comfortable

The ergonomically shaped, height-adjustable handles with handrail and brake lever allow the rollator to be operated in various positions and with one hand.


Unique integrated stand-up aids

The integrated, extendable stand-up handles allow safe support when standing up and sitting down. The handles can be lowered again for unhindered walking.


Special tray with a few extras

To make it easy to reach the tray even when sitting down, it can be moved to the walking side.

The handle of the tray can be completely retracted. It allows the tray to be carried with only one hand.

The tray has a drink holder and a groove in which the smartphone and tablet can be placed. The special feature: if you place your speakers in the groove, the volume is amplified!

And the net under the tray has space for practical, and discreet, storage of other items.


Compact and quickly folded

The TOPRO Hestia can be quickly and easily folded up compactly, while at the same time the tray is safely stowed away. Even when folded, it stands on its own.


The Hestia also scores with its unique TOPRO design.

With its graceful Scandinavian design and elegant anodised natural colour, the TOPRO Hestia is reminiscent of a clear late summer day in the Norwegian mountains.



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